Building a Cabin in the Woods:

Framing the octagonal base
Making sure everything is level
Installing the side walls

Metal braces will hold the bench in place
Custom benches line the perimeter
The centre of the floor houses a telescopic 'gin' storage tube

The peak will have a clear cone installed to provide natural lighting
Awaiting exterior finishes and final grading

Gin Shack

This project is located on a large property with winding recreational trails through the Terra Nova valley. The customer was seeking a unique cabin among the trails to be enjoyed as a destination in the winter months. Designer Jim Campbell and his team at Rockside Campbell Design reimagined the traditional cabin and designed the 'Gin Shack'.

Accessible by snow shoe or snowmobile, this 20' tall tee pee like structure features a douglas fir interior, exposed metal frame, built in benches, and an authentic wood stove. The exterior will feature rustic steel cladding, topped with a conical oculus to allow natural light to enter the space. 

Since the location of this project is far into the bush, we could only access the site with off road vehicles. In the heavy snow season, we had to use an apline track machine to haul materials - our crew had a lot of fun getting to the site every morning!

Check back in the spring to see the completed project...

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